Meine Katzen Und Regen

Something like the third day of rain here and the cats are becoming a bit pouty about going out and coming back in with wet fur.

I am getting grumpy about coming in with wet and unruly hair myself. In my ideal world rainy days would be spent safe in one’s nest with no need to venture out. Today would have been a perfect nap-and-read day and three black cats tried to convince me of that. There was peace between Porter the Bully, his main target Fang and young Andy who just takes the hissy slaps in stride. The gingers had ventured out and our multi-colored Wink girl was singing a song to me about filling her water cup and putting it in the lavatory sink.

Wink is a Tortie or Calico but to be specific she is a “Torbie.” Most of her color blocks have tabby markings in her slick coat. She is our only girl and clearly believes herself Queen of all that she surveys. The males, mostly twice her size, are around for her entertainment. She runs alongside the largest, golden boy Jerry, like a lioness hunting a gazelle and brings him down with a forearm flung over his neck. Everything is fine until Jerry take an active role in self-defense by oh, say, pushing her off of him and then the screeches begin. She shrieks, he scats and she flounces to the top of the cat tree.

Who needs television?

Just a practice post to get back in the saddle again….


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